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General Questions​

Granite tampa
Granite Tampa

What is the difference between granite and marble? 
Granite is harder, more dense, more scratch and heat resistant than marble because it was formed by extreme heat and pressure from deep inside the earth’s core.  In comparison, marble was formed from the sediments under the seabed which make marble react differently to various household chemicals and conditions.  

Can I use marble on my kitchen countertops?
Yes, millions of kitchens are done in marble BUT it is important to realize the different qualities that marble possess. In general, Marble is a softer and more porous material.

What makes one stone more expensive than the other?
The price of stone is determined by a number of different factors. One of the first being the difficulty in quarrying a particular stone. Some stones are much deeper in the ground than others and therefore require special machines, more time and man power to extract from the ground. Another factor is what part of the world the stone is coming from: the costs in that country for shipping, taxes, customs etc. The availability of a stone is another factor in price. It is possible for a quarry to run out of a specific stone. When quarries see that they are running low on a particular material the price goes up.

Where does our stone come from?
We import stone from over thirty different countries all over the world. We even bring in stones from different parts of the United States of America.

What to consider when choosing stone?
We have an extensive array of natural stone in stock on display in our showroom.
You are welcome to call ahead and make an appointment so we can best accommodate you.
We suggest you come with a rough drawing complete with approximate measurements and any samples of any features you wish to match to your selection of stone.

Do I have to buy the whole slab?
No, you only pay for the amount of square footage used for your project not for entire slab.

Do I have to pay extra for edge profiles?
Our price includes 5 standard edges which you can select from.

Do you provide any discounts?
We are wholesale granite fabricated, we buy our stone direct from quarry. This saves you money on the stone and the deliveries. The price and quality we are providing, you wont be able to find anywhere in Florida.

How long does it take to complete my order from time of signing the Purchase Order to completion of the install?
Approximately 7 to 10 business days.

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